Solutions for the Food Industry

QIMA offers comprehensive solutions that help businesses at every stage of the global food supply chain ensure food safety, quality and compliance.

Solutions for the Food Industry

The ever-growing number of food safety scandals, health scares, and outbreaks of food-borne diseases emphasize the importance of constant vigilance for manufacturers and retailers of food products. Meanwhile, the scale and complexity of food supply chains pose great challenges to traceability, making quality control paramount at every step.

QIMA offers comprehensive solutions for food producers, importers, exporters and retailers, as well as businesses involved in food service and hospitality. From quality control by highly trained inspectors to supplier audits and certification to internationally recognized schemes, we are perfectly positioned to help you secure your food supply chain, satisfy your market’s requirements, and exceed your consumers’ expectations.

Quality Control for Fresh and Processed Food

Secure your product quality from farm to shelf with the help of QIMA’s professional inspectors. We have extensive expertise in all major categories of fresh and processed food, including fruit and vegetables, berries, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, shelf-stable food, beverages, nuts, grains and cereals, animal feed, and more.

Fresh produce, including complex produce like berries, is one of our key areas of expertise. The QIMA Produce team is composed of experienced inspectors with agronomical background, and our presence in key fresh produce market allows us to ensure timely and professional QC for your produce at the source and destination.

In our inspections, we strictly observe the guidelines and sampling plans prescribed by the Codex Alimentarius, ensuring that the sample we check will always be representative of your food production lot. We dispatch inspectors on-site within 48 hours of your order, and offer industry-leading turnaround on inspection reports (from 2 hours post-inspection for fresh produce).

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Third-Party Ethical and Food Safety Audits

Audits of food production and processing facilities fall into two major categories:

  • Food safety audits, such as GHP, GAP and GMP, help brands, retailers and producers ensure proper practices and improve quality management in their food supply chain
  • Ethical audits, such as factory, ranch or fishing crew audits, are conducted to ensure that ethical standards are observed during food production, and that the supplier’s labor practices preclude human rights violation

QIMA food auditors are professionally certified and specialized by product line, as well as fluent in local languages and business practices. The data collected through QIMA audits is accurate and objective, enabling you to make informed decisions for your food supply chain.

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Certifications to Internationally Recognized Schemes

Achieving certification under one or several internationally recognized schemes helps you improve and harmonize food safety standards in your supply chain, streamlines your access to global markets, and sends a message of quality to your consumers.

QIMA, through our subsidiary QIMA/WQS, offers certification for numerous GFSI recognized schemes (BRCGS, IFS, PrimusGFS, SQF, GLOBALG.A.P.) and other international standards that cover agriculture (fresh produce), food processing, storage and distribution centers and packaging manufacturing.

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