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سلاسل الإنتاج والتوريدات الأخلاقية استثمار، ليست تكلفة

سلاسل الإنتاج والتوريدات الأخلاقية استثمار، ليست تكلفة

اقرأ حول الأهمية الاقتصادية لتطوير سلسلة توريد أخلاقية.

This White Paper will give you insights about :

  • القضايا الأخلاقية الحالية في سلاسل التوريد العالمية ، بما في ذلك الشفافية والتعليم والتدريب .
  • دليل إلى البيانات و البحوث التي تدعم لماذا المسؤولية الأخلاقية تجعل من الناحية الاقتصادية
  • العمليات والمعايير المشاركة في تنفيذ برنامج التدقيق الأخلاقي الناجح وكيف القضايا الأخلاقية .
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The Economics Behind an Ethical Supply Chain

Corporate Social Responsibility continues to grow and data supports the fact that ethical companies perform better in every aspect of their business. In this whitepaper you’ll get the facts about how ethically responsible businesses are performing with real data from companies like Unilever, and statistics from hundreds of inspections and audits. Learn why ethical supply chain management makes sense.

Whitepaper Highlights

  • Current Ethical Issues in Global Supply Chains – This whitepaper concisely covers the causes of unethical supply chains so you can quickly get up to speed with the two main reasons compliance is neglected by suppliers.
  • How Ethical Business Translates to Higher Consumer Loyalty and Price Rewards - Consumers are willing to pay a significant premium for ethically produced goods and companies with the strongest sustainability credentials are performing the best. Learn more about consumer trends and view concrete examples in the full whitepaper.
  • What Increased Product Quality Means for Your Brand - In addition to making economic sense on the demand side, enforcing ethical behavior also has a positive impact on the supply chain.
  • Ensure Your Supply Chain Meets Ethical and Social Standards - Find out how you can leverage Ethical Audit Programs to ensure your supply chain meets international standards for ethical and social compliance.
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