The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is a landmark expansion of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), building on the existing testing requirements for a wide range of consumer goods produced in and imported into the United States. Rigorous limits have been put in place for commonly occurring hazardous substances, such as lead and phthalates.

Responding to Consumer Awareness

CPSIA regulations will continue to expand in response to growing campaigns targeting controversial chemical additives used in virtually every industry, including Cosmetics, Automotive, Furniture and Jewelry. Children’s products see the most scrutiny under this act.

Keeping Track Of Every Step

With a particular emphasis on third-party testing and certification, products such as cribs, pacifiers, bicycles and helmets face a complex verification process. QIMA helps you incorporate CPSIA testing with your product inspection to keep you on top of your progress. By following an internationally recognized sampling procedure, we ensure that your testing results accurately reflect your product lot as a whole.

Easily Schedule Your CPSIA Compliance Tests Online

Our online platform and mobile application make it easy for you to schedule CPSIA Compliance tests and receive your results at any time. Book new tests, view pending orders, and access results from your mobile device. Our online platform provides valuable supply chain insights, including a summary of your QC activity, all of your supplier’s quality stats, industry benchmarking data, and more.

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